ActionDIS the online presence of Action Blueprint Company is a reprographic service bureau managing reproduction, storage, archival and retrieval of paper and electronic information. When expert friendly service is as important as cost for your work and the cost associated with these documents are through the roof! Then ActionDIS would like to be your reprographic service provider.

ActionDIS specializes in the reproduction of large format drawings and specifications. We handle reproduction and scanning of blueprints, bluelines, sepias, mylars or virtually any drawing produced on any type of media. This includes black and white as well as color prints.

After your records have been scanned, they can then be recorded and saved into a file format that is easily retrieved by your computer. This can be done by loading the images directly to your computer hard drive with an archival CD backup.

Action Blueprint Co., INC. 2075 Monroe Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Ph: 404-885-1433 Fax:404-885-1392

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